Wildlife removal

Wildlife is the pride of our country, but if left loose, it can be a nuisance. Luckily, you can get help to cater for wild animals that have strayed to your home. Check out professional services to help capture the animal since if you think of killing it, the law will come after you.

Some of the common wild animals which will be getting to your home now and then include: raccoons, squirrels, bats, hedgehogs, groundhogs, raptors, wild birds, deer, rabbits, coyote, occasionally snakes, and alligators.

Some of the control measures you can put in place:

  • Set a trap to capture the wild animal and call local wildlife control agency.
  • Fence your compound,
  • Maintain a trimmed lawn around your home,
  • Use nontoxic chemical repellants,
  • Relocate the animal to another place if it is comfortable with you,
  • Seal off the entry points in your house.

You might be wondering why all these animals are leaving their habitats, but the main causes for them to flee their homes and come to your home are:

  • Deforestation – Trees, and bushes have been cleared, and these are the best hiding places for them.
  • Urbanization – Towns are expanding rapidly and even occupying the reserved areas.
  • Increasing wildlife animal numbers– People have become friendly to animals, and they do not kill them.
  • Rapid human population growth – The higher the population, the more the areas which were left neglected and bushy will be cleared.
  • Negligence from the relevant government agencies – Government keeps on cutting down on the funds to cater for straying animals.

These are the main reasons why you need to get rid of these wild animals

  • They have parasites which can infect your pet with diseases.
  • Some will even steal your pet’s food.
  • Others are dangerous and can inflict physical harm.
  • Still others are just a nuisance and will get your compound disorganized .e.g. the skunks.

If you are to employ services of a professional wildlife removal agency, there are some factors to check out before making a decision. These wild animals have their right to live. However, they have found themselves in the wrong places, knowingly or unknowingly. You need to take their welfare into consideration and treat them kindly while removing them.

What to look for in a wildlife removal agency

  • Check for their authorization letters as well as their structure for costs
  • Let them explain to you where and how they treat the captured animals.
  • Ask them how they ensure that the situation does not recur. Check warranty conditions.
  • Check for their reviews from satisfied clients.
  • Confirm that they are insured just in case things get out of control.


Wildlife removal can be an expensive as well as time-consuming activity, and it should be planned well in advance. Alert your area wildlife manager or animal control agency for best advice on how to deal with the invaders.